A group of Eagle Rock voters, with help from the Botetourt County Republican Women’s Club, is hosting a “Meet the Republican Sheriff Candidates” forum on Thursday, May 9 at the Eagle Rock Library from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The three gentlemen seeking the nomination as the Republican candidate have been invited to participate. After a brief opening statement, the three candidates (Mike Vineyard, Matt Ward and Jeff Stritesky) will have the opportunity to answer pre-selected questions, which they will have received in advance (allowing them ample time to research their answers, if necessary).

Readers (especially those in Oriskany, Glen Wilton, Iron Gate and Eagle Rock) with specific questions or issues they’d like the candidates to discuss may mail or e-mail them to me ASAP: Anita Lambert, 44 Sonnys Geta Way, Eagle Rock, 24085, AnitaRClara@gmail.com.

The purpose of this meeting is NOT to endorse any one candidate. It is strictly to provide voters with information that will help them decide who to vote for and encourage them to vote in the June Republican primary.

In view of the “Letter to the Editor” in last week’s Fincastle Herald, and the fact that Mr. Ward has not responded to our invitation, we are assuming he may be unable to participate. However, we will, of course, send the questions to him as well, in the event he later finds he can participate – or, at the very least, giving him the option of submitting written answers which can be read in his absence.

We wish to thank all three of these gentlemen for the years of service they have already provided to our community and especially thank them for their willingness to take on the awesome job of heading up our Sheriff’s Department.

Anita Lambert

Eagle Rock