Spring is here and it is a beautiful time of the year. Even though it is the first of April, we still have to start collecting donations for the Fincastle Fourth of July fireworks display. The fireworks display cost a little over $3,000 each year.

Donations are needed by the end of May. Willie Simmons goes down to Tennessee the first of June and he has to know the amount of donations that have been received.

Our fireworks display has been enjoyed by many people from Botetourt County and Roanoke. Let your friends, co-workers and family know about the Fincastle fireworks display. Come and have an enjoyable time together.

Donation can be taken to the Fincastle Town Office or sent to Town of Fincastle, P.O. Box 250, Fincastle, 24090.

Let’s make the 2019 Fincastle Fourth of July fireworks display the best show of the year.

Paige Ware

Fireworks Committee