The Botetourt Planning Commission will consider three land use requests when it meets Monday, Sept. 11 at 6 p.m. in Fincastle.

Among the requests are applications from Gala Farm LLC that’s asking to rezone 20 acres in the Gala area north of Eagle Rock for a temporary asphalt plant, and two from Altec Industries to rezone and allow outdoor testing on 49.99 acres at Botetourt Center at Greenfield.

Boxley Materials Co. wants to lease 20 acres of a 152.691-acre tract that belongs to Gala Farm LLC if it is rezoned from the Agricultural (A-1) Use District to the Industrial (M-3) Use District for an asphalt plant. The company is also seeking a special exception permit (SEP) for individual well and septic systems on the property.

The 20 acres is part of the Gala Farm property on Thompson Drive off US 220 at Gala. Boxley Materials is proposing to operate a temporary asphalt plant to support  the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT)  US 220 Safety Improvement Project that’s supposed to get started in 2018.

Boxley Materials Boxley will be providing asphalt for Phase 2 of the safety improvements, which begins south of the intersection with Rt. 43 (Narrow Passage Road) and ends north of the intersection with Rt. 622 (Gala Loop Road).

According to the rezoning application, the selected location of the asphalt plant is adjacent to and at the midway point for the proposed construction.

The site will contain a variety of structures and equipment associated with asphalt production, such as a bag house, asphalt recycler, drum mixer, hopper, asphalt tank, silo and a 25×12 building.

Altec Industries Inc. is asking to rezone 49.99 acres on its property at 325 South Center Drive in Botetourt Center at Greenfield from the Industrial (M-2) Use District to the newly created Research and Advanced Manufacturing District (RAM) Use District.

The rezoning the property to a RAM District, it will come in line with zoning in the rest of the industrial park. The county created the RAM District a few years ago to provide a district that allows research and manufacturing in one facility— a more common industrial use these days. At the time, the Board of Supervisors also rezoned much of Greenfield to the RAM District. Since Altec was already in place with the M-2 zoning, it was not affected by the changes to the rest of the industrial park.

Where Ballast Point is located was rezoned RAM at the time.

The company is also seeking an SEP that will allow for outdoor testing on the site where the company’s current facility is located.

The planners will also consider a request by Janet K. and Del E. Montgomery who want to rezone 1.8 acres of a 2.274-acre lot from the Agricultural (A-1) Use District to the Rural Residential (RR) Use District in order to maintain an existing single-family dwelling at 4519 Catawba Road, Troutville, near the intersection of Blacksburg Road.

The Planning Commission will make recommendations on each request to the Board of Supervisors, which will hold public hearings at 6 p.m. at its September 26 meeting at Greenfield Education and Training Center.