Walls go up at new Colonial Elementary

Pictured is the site of the new Colonial Elementary School on Murray Drive in Troutville last week.
Submitted Photo

By Aila Boyd


In recent weeks, walls at the new Colonial Elementary School on Murray Drive in Troutville have started going up.

Walls for the third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom area are currently being erected. They’re almost at their full height.

Additionally, the slab where the gymnasium will be located was recently poured. The block masons promptly started erecting the walls around the gymnasium after the concrete dried.

Currently, the footers are being placed for the mechanical room. “We’re hoping we can keep on with the footers if we can get some dry weather,” Jim Whitten, who is managing the project for the county, said.

The vault for the water system has also been put in. The waterline that goes up to the school will be installed soon.

“These guys [the construction crew] don’t care if it’s raining or if the wind is blowing. Either way, they’re out here working,” Whitten said, adding that the job supervisor usually arrives at the site at 5 a.m.

Although estimates for when the school will open are fluid, Whitten said that it’s looking like the doors might open to students at the end of next year.


The slab for the gymnasium, the yellow part, was recently poured.
Submitted Photo


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