Letters for Feb. 12 Edition

Blood drive tomorrow, February 13


The bloodmobile will be at the Fincastle United Methodist Church Family Life Center from 12 noon until 6 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 13.

Join the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society as we work together to encourage people across the country to “Give Blood to Give Time!” Please come and donate this time. Donate blood, help us deliver hope and life.

Sam Saunders

Blood Drive Coordinator


Stop moving county offices from county seat


I am extremely agitated and alarmed at our younger generation politicians moving our Treasurer’s and Commissioner’s Offices away from our county seat. Parking and office space are not an excuse!

Rearrangement may be necessary, but can be done. One idea is to clean up the old jail for the museum and to relocate and use that building for the Commissioner’s Office. A small outside elevator or lift could be attached to the north side of the jail for the disabled at a very lost cost. I am sure there is office space available for the county office now in the jail. The museum needs expansion.

I am sure if the present Clerk’s Office were not fireproof, our new folks would move it also (fire proofing is extremely costly).

These three offices should be kept together for the convenience of the pubic. Many times, people visiting one of these offices need to visit another or, in many cases, all three.

When will the county seat be moved from Fincastle where it was born? Which generation will vacate Fincastle as the county seat of Botetourt? We took up arms to keep the county seat from being moved ion my Granddad’s time! He stood as an armed guard!

Let’s rethink this situation and not be in such a hurry to move two out of our three offices from the county seat and start the drain that will inevitably lead to moving the county seat to Greenfield while gutting our present historical 250-year-old county seat in Fincastle.

“The camel’s nose is under the tent.”

Robert Waid



Thanks for supporting Eagle Rock Valentine Bingo


On behalf of The Friends of the Eagle Rock Library, we want to say a great big thank you to all of those who braved such a cold, windy night on Friday, Feb. 8 to attend our Valentine Bingo at Eagle Rock Library.  The attendance was great, the food was great and the homemade baked goods that so many of you so generously donated to be given away to the bingo winners were wonderful. We had a great time of fellowship and laughter as well.

It would not have been a success without all those who participated.

Bonnie Britt, Member

The Friends of Eagle Rock Library 


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