Linkenhoker – Cline Cemetery

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This cemetery is located on the Whitehall Farm, the David Moomaw property in Buchanan. It was inventoried by Jacqueline H. Rader in the book “Botetourt County History before 1900 through County Cemetery Records.”  Six markers were readable at that time. This area is also noted as the Milton Farm.

In addition to the markers listed, there appears to be about 20 additional burials, some marked with rocks, and some with metal pipes in this beautiful old cemetery graced with an impeccable stone wall around it with steps in and out.

The wall was built by order of Marguerite Linkenhoker, daughter of William Lewis Linkenhoker.

Booze, Henry d. 7 May 1889, age 69 years, 10 months, 19 days; Booze, Martha Jane, 1 November 1823-24 October 1901; Linkenhoker, Elizabeth, 1822-1898; Linkenhoker, Cline, 1877-1879, suffered from croup; Linkenhoker, Mary Lewis, 1868-1935; Linkenhoker, William, 1815-1879.

Heart with 1733 (is believed to be the marker of Elias Linkenhoker, b. 1732/1733 and died in Botetourt County, 1821. He was married to Hannah Strepper in Philadelphia County, Pa. on 25 March, 1769. His will found in the Botetourt County Courthouse; WB C p 172, 174, 351 filed in June 1817). Elias and Hannah were the parents of 12 children.

Elias is also found in Pennsylvania Tax and Enumeration in West Caln Township, Chester County, Pa., 1786-1801, and in the Captain Henry Company, Chester County, Pa., Militia Duty Files Muster Roll, 1783

Elias is the son of Joseph and Roseanna Baumann Linkenhoker, natives of Switzerland.

William Linkenhoker, son of Elias Linkenhoker, married Eliza Jane Rader. He served as Deputy Sherriff in 1866, the Treasurer of Botetourt County, 1867-1873, and House of Delegates, 1879-1880. He was also one of the founding members of Mill Creek Church.

Henry Booze, son of Abraham William Booze and Margaret Linkenhoker, married two times, first to Hetty Waskey, then to Martha Peery.

According to the death book by Burton, additional burials are:

Linkenhoker, Elias – born 27 Jan., 1810 – died 24 Jan., 1879 grave Linkenhoker Cemetery (Milton Farm, west of Rt. 11 on 628)

Linkenhoker, Eliza A. – born 12 March, 1815 – died 12 June, 1889 grave Linkenhoker Cemetery (Milton Farm, west of Rt. 11 on 628)

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